Hohm Run XL 21700 4007mAh 30.3A Battery

Hohm Run XL 21700 4007mAh 30.3A Battery

Hohm Tech
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Hohm TECH Hohm Run 21700 Batteries

Hohm Run 21700 vape batteries from Hohm Tech were originally designed to power electric motors but they are so efficient that they have developed them for other power-hungry devices.

The Hohm Run cells carry a serious power punch with the XL version taking the capacity to the max in order to deliver consistent reliability for your vape mod.

They come in two capacities and are available in a pack of one.

HohmTech Hohm Run 27100 3023mAh Battery Spec:

  • 3023mAh Capacity
  • 5.29A Max Charge Rate
  • 39.1A Continuous Discharge Rate
  • 49.5A Max @ 80oC | 3.2V cut-off
  • 56.4A Pulse | Peak6
  • 500 Cycles (73%), 1000 (64%) Life Cycle Retention
  • QSP Li-NMC Composition

HohmTech Hohm Run 27100 4007mAh Battery Spec:

  • 4007mAh Capacity
  • 6.01A Max Charge Rate
  • 4.2V Max Charge Voltage
  • 30.3A Continuous Discharge Rate
  • 38.6A Max 80oC | 3.2V cut-off
  • 44.1A Pulse | Peak6
  • 500 Cycles (72%), 1000 (62%) Cycle Life Retention
  • QSP Li-NMC Composition